PiDog datagrid demo won't run

I can’t get the newest demo of the PiDog datagrid to run. The green “run” triangle in the Xojo IDE is greyed out. I was hoping to check out this new one, as the older version seems to have a glitch when expanding the window (control stays visible in place while underlying canvas resizes and it looks sloppy).

I’m stumped on why the demo won’t run.

Change from 64bit to 32bit. That issue confused me, too.

Me too, does not exactly inspire confidence for a new customer.

Ah, thanks Beatrix, changing it to 32-bit made it work.

The glitch I have seems to still be in the project. Here I change the value of the slider and then adjust the window size and the slider does not correct with the window. Same happens with buttons and popupmenus.

@Dave Kondris: write a mail to Jim. He fixed quite a couple of bugs for me in v1.8.

+1 - Same here.

Write him. He’s always very willing to help.

@Dave Kondris I see what’s happening with the glitch. I have it fixed for the next update.
I had the build setting set to 64bit because my last test before release is to build and run 32bit and 64bit on each platform. I’ll make setting it back to 32 my last step. :wink: