Pictures in reports

I am trying to build a report that uses a Dataset as its data source. To get started I had a look at the GasReport example.
Everything was pretty easy until i wanted to draw a picture in the page header. In the application window the picture is drawn into a canvas.
How do I get it to print in the report page header?

Add reports canvas and path the picture to it

I am new to the Reports. Could you explain to me how I do that please.

Hi Thom,

After include a image field on report, set the image property to the image you want (added before to your project too, of course…)

Here a exemple:

Thank you for you answer. I suppose that the picture in your example is a static picture that resides in your project. In my case I want to draw the picture as the report is generated much like drawing to a canvas graphics object during a paint event. Is that even possible with reports?

Hi Thom,

If I understand correct, yes, it’s possible. The image field has a property DataField, like others report fields. You can load a image from the database, or create it in your code, and pass that image to report, with the same name that you put on image DataField…

Here, you have a good explanation…

Here is another way.

Take a look at DBReport.