Picture with Window incl background?

I have a Window with a property pict as Picture

I’m trying to draw the Window into the Picture.

Works fine with the following code in the Open event of the picture

pict = New Picture( self.Width, self.Height, 32) self.DrawInto pict.Graphics, 0, 0

However if the Window has a custom colour background (e.g. golden), then the picture does not have that custom colour (its background is white).

I have the feeling I’m missing something fundamental here.

Anyone can give me a clue?

You are right, background color does not show.

You can put a color on the back of a window that will show with DrawInto by painting it.

This in the window Paint event does the trick :

g.ForeColor = &c80000000 g.fillrect(0,0,me.width,me.height)


pict = New Picture( self.Width, self.Height, 32) pict.Graphics.ForeColor = self.BackColor pict.Graphics.FillRect 0, 0, pict.Width, pict.Height self.DrawInto pict.Graphics, 0, 0

Fantastic! I’m a very happy camper and can finally go to bed :slight_smile:

Thank you both.