Picture to database blob to webcanvas picture and viceversa

I have picture in an SQLite database as a blob. (From the database example code)

Dim pic As New Picture(40, 40, 32) ... rec.PictureColumn("pic") = pic

I’m trying to use the Picture object in a WebApplication
I may be overthinking this, but is the raw data in the blob a PNG or BMP or something?

On my webpage is a webCanvas. How would I convert the picture in the database blob into a picture I can display in the webCanvas?

It is stored as Picture and I get it back as a Picture.

So then the next question is how do I use that picture in a WebCanvas. Store it to a WebFile and get it’s url?

Store it in a WebPicture and draw it using DrawPicture. The canvas will do the rest of the work for you.