Picture.Open difference from Windows

The same simple code:

Dim thispic as picture = Picture.Open(fi)

for a camera rotated image ( Exif “90 deg CW”) rotates automatically the image in Mac but leaves it unrotated in Windows.

I’m not worried about having to rotate it manually, but I expected the open process to be the same for both OS.

Is the rotation in Mac consistent ? I mean, can I skip my rotation process depending on Exif values for all pics opened in Mac?


Btw, I don’t remember having this issues with previous versions, I have just updated to 2015.1 and just noticed.

It’s simply the OS functions used here do the magic.

So NSImage on Mac rotates since 10.6. But on Windows, well GDI+ may not do it.

I understand the background but believe the result of the method must be the same regardless of the OS.

It should be possible to load as binary and remove the EXIF, then save to Temp the cleaned file to open it as usual. Then Mac will not rotate anymore.

Or you could look at the EXIF data and rotate on Windows.

This image info class from http://www.kanzu.com/ will probably be precious.

Please file a bug report. This seems like something the framework should handle.

Thanks Joe, I have opened case 38228

GraphicsMagick plugin from MBS will also load image and can provide orientation info.