Picture Gallery with listbox

Hello guys,

I wanted to have like a picture preview list but the catch and the issue is that it has to be one row only and i should be able to double click on it to see the zoomed picture and as well to be able to select and to deselect them so that i can get the index to move them .

Now i see in the listbox properties and methods i have a AddRow / RemoveRow but i don`t see anything about Column , the wrap part where i show the date and the name but the trick would be to be able to dynamically generate the list and to play with it.

Idea would be like a photo preview sort list and once the selected pictures are final to be moved to their location and removed from the list, so here i have 2 options, either canvas or listbox.

Any ideas are more than welcomed .

Thanks again.

Check out https://github.com/IntelligentVisibility/filmStripImageBrowser
It’s not complete yet, but it’s a good kick start in the direction you’re looking to go.

Add the features you need to it.

Thanks Tim, i just saw that now, looking on it.