Pi Zero Tool Suggestions??

Since Xojo cannot compile for a Raspberry Pi Zero what IDE type software development tools exist?

Do any tools exist that would do even simple visual GUI development for the Pi Zero?

Hopefully it is not a conflict with Xojo to ask here since Xojo cannot compile for the Pi Zero. I wish it could.

If you want a basic language you may want to look into Gambas. It is interpreted but reasonably quick.


Maybe this would allow you to run Xojo apps on the RPi Zero.

I don’t see any precompiled binaries for Gambas. Bob, have you compiled it?

The eltechs solution looks interesting but the limited memory on the Pi Zero probably would be a problem.

What about? :

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install gambas3

Hummmm … that would be easy …

I will post back here if it works.

Well the install worked fine. I need to resolve some permission issues and I think this could work.