Pi with MultiTouch

Hi all,
I just got a new Pi3 and the 7" screen and I’m a bit confused on where to start to try and do pinch, stretch, or rotate multi-touch movements in Xojo. Supposedly, the screen is capable of up to 10 touches, but I have no idea how to get them (a single touch is handled as mousemoves and clicks). Any ideas of where to start?


I haven’t gotten one yet since I have no time to play right now, but my first guess would be to go to the official website and look for what software support they have in raspbian. I would guess it will require some kind of bridge code or declares to access whatever basic functionality the pi foundation is supporting up to this point.

I don’t think any platform on Xojo has full fledged touch support yet with iOS being supported with basic functionality, so I wouldn’t expect much support for such functionality on the raspberry pi at this point.

You might be able to convince them to work on it more if you sent them some screens. :slight_smile: