Pi Remote Debugger not starting

I have a Pi 3 B+, 7" display and Xojo 18R3. The Pi has been updated to the latest version of Raspbian Stretch.

I follow the instructions for installation of the remote debugger, but it will not start. Upon double clicking the Remote Debugger I get a window that it is an executable and I have 3 options: “Execute”, “Execute Console” or “Cancel”. Using execute has no effect. When I try “gksudo “Remote Debugger Desktop””, it will also not run.

Is there anything obvious I have missed out?

Did you set execute permissions on it?

Have you looked at Pi Information and installed libunwind8?

Thanks. I knew it had to be something obvious. I was just trying to get the remote debugger up and running and have it talk to the development machine and had not looked at the actual pi application development yet - there was no application to debug yet ;-). It never got in my head that the lib was also required for the debugger.