Pi license, but says need license to build


Have installed Xojo and have license installed for Raspberry Pi.

I have created a simple desktop application interface, no code yet, but when trying to build I am told I need a desktop license.

You site clearly states I can compile desktop apps for Raspberry Pi with the free license but each time I build I’m told to sign in which I do, but still cannot build.

Did you set the build target to be Linux with ARM CPU?

Oops, yes, my error, many thanks.

Same problem, but architecture is set to ARM 32-bit. Under ‘License Keys’ I see a Single Board Computer, registered to me. I opened the platform specific examples for the Raspberry Pi and tried to build but get “You need a build license in order to build this project, Would you like to purchase one”.

Go to Build Settings, click on This Computer to select it, then click This Computer again to de-select it. Now you can build for Pi.