pi execute python script from shell

Trying to execute a python script from a shell and keep ending up with errors:
Exception NilObjectException
self MyWindow.MyWindow
shell1 Nil

Dim shell1 As Shell 'shell1.Execute("python /home/pi/Desktop/Upload.py aa bb cc")
The aa bb and cc are separated with a space and are the three variables I am trying to pass to the python script.
I have captured the command in a msgBox and pasted to the Terminal and it runs fine so there is something in the format of the shell that isn’t working. The python script is very basic and it works.
Pasting the results of this message box into the Terminal works:

msgBox("python /home/pi/Desktop/Upload.py aa bb cc")

I have messed around with "\ " in the spaces from this thread but with no success.
link text

Any help would again be appreciated.

dim theShell as new Shell

Beatrix is correct, but you will also probably need an absolute path for python in your command. Shell is not initialized with the same PATH as a terminal environment would be.

forehead slap Thank you Beatrix, can’t believe I missed that. That removed the error.
Thank you Greg, I added an absolute path to python and now the script works as intended.

Dim shell1 As New Shell shell1.Execute("/usr/bin/python2.7 /home/pi/Desktop/Upload.py aa bb cc")