PHP MBS Plug-in

Buongiorno a tutti.
Ho un problema ad inserire del semplice codice PHP in Xojo.
Ho queste semplici righe:

<?php include('class.pdf2text.php'); $a = new PDF2Text(); $a->setFilename('test.pdf'); $a->decodePDF(); echo $a->output(); ?>

Lavoriamo con i Plug-in della Monkeybread Software ma non siamo venuti a capo di molto…esempi ed help non sono bastati! :frowning:
Qualcuno ha esperienza a riguardo?


any exceptions? Error messages?

Could be wrong paths for include or missing extensions?

No no. It is I who am ignorant! :slight_smile: I do not know how to implement in Xojo the plugin.
After loading the dll for PHP (as examples) how can I include the PHP file with the class?
Using “setFilename” for him to read the pdf file?
Thank you

Well, I have no idea what this class is you are using.
But I bet the filename must be full qualified file path.

I do not think the problem is the class file or, at least, other instructions? The examples provided with the plug-in does not mention anything more than load the dll and PHP sstampare something on screen !!

The .php file, in any case, is loaded with the right path, but how to process?

and that’s great. I’m happy it works.
Even with 15.3 where I updated to newer PHP and get it working in 64-bit.

For most users the missing part are missing extensions in the bundled PHP, missing environment stuff from web server and wrong paths.

It may be more efficient to just run php directly on a web server and call it via HTTPSocket (or CURL plugin) from your app.

I’ll try to walk that way.

Thanks Christian!