Photo Tape in the App Store

I released Photo Tape for iOS this week:

Having released over a dozen apps since 2009, this was my first iOS app built with XOJO. I’m happy with the level of polish I could achieve and the ease/speed at which I developed. XOJO makes it easier to develop everywhere, all at once, quickly.

Many thanks to XOJO, the authors of iOSKit and iOS design extensions, Christian’s MBS plugins, and the helpful people on this forum.

Here are some promo codes:



Great work, @John_Balestrieri! :love_you_gesture:

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I downloaded it and tried it out, @John_Balestrieri - really clean and nicely done. Good luck with it.

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Great work, John.
I would like to scale the photos. And if I want to share the collage and leave the share dialog open my WhatsApp does freeze.


I looked into the WhatsApp issue and it looks like a size limit. I need to offer a smaller export size.

Adjusting the crop with pinch/zoom will be in the next version, but you (or anyone) can access the beta here:

iOS Photo does this exactly too (and more). Or do I miss somerhing unique?

In my testing, if an image is too large, WhatsApp won’t send it. It happens in both Photo tape and Apple’s Photos app.

I have not found a collage feature in iOS-Photo. Were does it hide?

There is none, but trying to send a single high resolution photo to WhatsApp will fail.

Beautiful! Well done.

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