Phoenix Xojo Meetup in July - With Christian Schmitz & Others


as I am coming in July to Phoenix for the FileMaker DevCon, I thought it may be a good idea to chat with some Xojo people.
So I thought about offering a few days to choose from. And as I may drive town to Tucson, let’s see if there is also an interest:



Both meetings would probably be for dinner in a nice restaurant.
I would be there all evening and see who is coming.

If you need additional time for consulting, help on your projects or our plugins, let me know.

blog post:

Looks like we pick 22nd July 2017 for Phoenix.

Restaurant suggestions?

Should be easy to find, with free parking, with maybe an extra room or quiet area to talk (not next to the band playing).
if someone can bring a projector and we have a white wall or screen, we could even present something.

8 people already :slight_smile:

Someone has a suggestion for a nice meeting place?
e.g. a restaurant, which is easy to access, has room Saturday and is not too loud.

Looking on the addresses of the people on the list they are spread all over the area, but Tempe would be the center, I think.

PS: Does someone know Brian Daniel? I have no email.

I think we have a restaurant suggestion for Tempe area near a highway. :slight_smile:

So if you like to join, let me know.

I emailed people on my list for the meetings to inform about the location for the Phoenix meeting.

If you didn’t get an email, let me know.

Anyone else?
Meeting is later this week for Phoenix and next week for Tucson.

This Saturday :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for attending.