Phillip Zedalis

Hi - long time no post!

Does anyone know if Philip Zedalis is ok? I’ve been trying to get hold of him without success for some time and now really need to contact him


He was last active in Jan, 2013

? - 3 weeks ago according to his profile…

Maybe he was just logged in but did not post. :wink:

Last post was 5 weeks ago. Either way, I’m just trying every avenue got get hold of him, need some assistance and normal channels for him aren’t working.

Hmm… on Twitter it’s been even longer… Sorry.

No worries, main thing is that he’s ok. He’s normally pretty prompt in comms.

Probably makes sense to tag @Phillip Zedalis in the thread

I tried to send him email as well. No response. Perhaps he simply wants to abstract himself from the nitty gritty support.

It seems as his business scales, he surrounds himself with people who are much less prompt and much less pertinent.

All the reasons to avoid having a single host.

In case of real trouble, you should have somewhere to fall back to.

Incorrect. Forum bug. It was Jan 13, 2020; not Jan 2013.

I’ve tried for over six months to have him activate a standalone web app. He did send me an email once saying he would do it within 24 hours, but never did it.

I was last in contact with him on Feb 13th. Been trying to get the PHP version on my servers updated for a few weeks now but he hasn’t been able to get to it yet.

Just choose another company.

Hi guys - sorry I was on much needed vacation last week. It is true scaling up has been a challenge. Will follow up with those with outstanding items, thank you.

Phillip Zedalis is a talented guy. But as he is alone managing his company, he always tells some sort of excuses like my emails are going to junk or i am on vacation etc. Please discard his services and move on with another company if you are seriously deploying some thing. This is my experience with him.

I’m going to lock this thread now that Phillip is in touch.