Pet peeves

Wow - can’t believe I made that schoolboy error!!

I give: What does that mean in the U.K.?

Take a condom and have sex with me!

My above post is the truth :slight_smile: :wink:

Take a condom and make me pregnant!

UK : take this pencil eraser and come by my house
(or at least that what I was told)

US : what Richard said above

Non-techie: ‘less’ used when ‘fewer’ is meant, and vice versa.
Techie: Being told that there is ‘1 files to transfer’ (or ‘seconds left’, etc…) - if you’re clever enough to know how many files there are to transfer, then at least remove that ‘s’!

People with dirty fingernails. (I bet you are all now looking at your nails) :slight_smile:

Excessive use of acronyms.

Being tricked in to looking at my finger nails.


excessive use of TLA

(Three Letter Acronyms)


People that enter elevators before letting the people in the elevator exit.

Mike - you REALLY need a manicure !

get out of my way … I’m in a hurry!

[not that elevator will move until they do exit]

People who, after waiting in a queue for a few minutes at a ticket machine, are baffled by the fact that they need to get some money out of their pocket to pay for it, and spend several minutes trying to find their wallet.

How does Mike have pictures of my hands?

People who claim poverty - yet always seem to have a cigarette in their hand and a cupboard full of beer!

Please, don’t this in Brazil or Venezuela