PermissionsMBS has no member


I’m recompiling an app for supporting M1. It fails with this error:
GlobalsUpdater.WriteItemToArchive, line 156
Type “PermissionsMBS” has no member named “Access”
ArchiveStream.WriteInt32 p.Access

If I write “p.” in a new line, no ellipsis is shown and the tab key shows nothing (in other words, autocomplete finds nothing for “p” (the PermissionsMBS variable)).

With just “p”, autocomplete recognises it as an existing variable and Xojo doesn’t complain “There’s no class with this name” so it looks to be a recognised class, but with no member.

Tried emptying the cache, no difference.
Known bug?

We marked this class for desktop.
Do you may use it in a console project?

Then I could change the flags.

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Yes, indeed, using in Console.
It was necessary to mark it for desktop only?

Please, yes, allow it for console apps.

It was an optimization to make compiling quicker for web apps.
Where I marked thousands of things as desktop only.

I’ll recompile for you.


Thank you.

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