Performing Scheduled Daily Backups

I have a question about whether it would be possible for a Xojo Cloud web application to perform scheduled backups for our Xojo Cloud Postgres database every night.

If I create a Timer property underneath App and enable it in the App Open Event, will it continue to run at the specified intervals even if there are no active web sessions?

Also, would it be possible to perform a pg_dump command to our Xojo Cloud database and have it generate a backup file in the shared documents folder? Can this be accomplished using the shell class?

I’m just trying to see if it’s possible to have a scheduled service run in a cloud application or if this is best handled by a scheduler/xojo core application running locally.

We do nightly backups but, if you want to be in more control of the backups, you could do it either way. A web application level timer would fire regardless of sessions from inside that app, or you could deploy a console app and call pg_dump.

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