Performance with images - browser cache issue

I need to show a PNG in a webimageview control of a webpage.
In my particular case this image is from a doctor picture and it changes each time the patient changes the doctor he wants to schedule an appointment from a list of doctors.
Performance is important in order to give the patient a good browsing experience when he moves between different doctors

My first option is to place the doctors pictures as a resourse in the project, so when I build the EXE the image will be in the Resourses Folder of the project in the server and I will call them in the code as:
mywebimageview.picture = resourse_image

The other option is to place the pictures as strings in a database blob field, and in this case I will call them in the code as:
mywebimageview.Picture = picImage
where picImage is a picture property:
picImage = StringToPicture(rs.field(“Image”).stringvalue)
and where StringToPicture is a method with an string parameter (data) that returns a picture as follows:
Dim p As picture
If data="" Then Return Nil
Return p

The outcome will be the same ? Which of this two ways, that both works fine, will give a better performance ?
In both cases the PNG was donwloaded to the client the first time it was called and will remain in the client cache ? And the next time I need to show one doctor`s picture, it will use the cache or it will download again the PNG ?

Thanks and I hope you could understand the explanation of my inquiry in my spanglish…