PDFTable cell border

I would like to draw a border, only the top border of the cell, but I am confusing on how do it.
Where may I find an example?

May be that there is not an API call to solve this?


Hi @Sergio,

Probably you’ll find useful this blog post: PDFTable from a RowSet – Xojo Programming Blog (there’s a link in the text to download a example project)

As you can see, the class interface method responsible of painting every cell receives it’s own Graphic context, so you can draw the borders (or any of them) the way you want to.

Thank you Javier
In the mean time I have found this, as solution, I have spent some time to find it.
But what I would like to say is that Xojo have to give to his costumer a more clever solution, i.e. a library who let write sw more quicker → “you need a table row border… call routine to draw the upper border for each row” without the need to calculate al the dimension and coordinate" :wink:

I understand what you mean, but with this approach it is possible to draw every cell instead of every row, and every cell has its own Graphic context starting at 0,0 (upper/left corner), what leads to the ability to draw more complex tables were, for example, several rows don’t require the borders to be drawn at all.

And because every cell has its own graphics context, there is not need to calculate coordinates.

My was only just an example, I believe that a moder IDE need to be more toward to “problem solving” than to find how to solve expecially for “low level” programming practices.
Letting the sw programmer focus more on the logic of it’s own application than on how implement it, the UI is the most cost and time consuming side of the sw development in a multiplatform development.

… Philosophy