PDFGraphics drawline rounded

A pdfdocument made with web 2020r2 draws lines with rounded tips. How can I prevent this? I am using PDFDocument.Graphics.Drawline(x1,y1,x2,y2) with pensize larger than 1. In the previous version (2020r1) the lines had ■■■■ ends.

You have to set the LineCap via PDFGraphics.LineCap.

I get this error:
Type “PDF.PDFGraphics” has no member named “linecap”


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PDFDocument.Graphics has no member called Linecap. It is shown in Documentation in Graphics but in the IDE it throws an error. Even not available in autocomplete. Also Documentation states: Affects only lines drawn when using DrawPath, GraphicsPath and Object2D. Does not seems to affect DrawLine

Minimum Version Xojo 2020r2! Works only on Desktop. So you found a bug.

Var pdf As New PDFDocument
Var g As Graphics = pdf.Graphics

g.LineCap = Graphics.LineCapTypes.Square // not working on Web 2.0 - It's a bug.
g.PenSize = 3
g.DrawLine(10, 10, 300, 10)

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Are you sure that works for a Web project?

I’m learning about Graphics, it looks like Web uses WebGraphics but there is no pdf.WebGraphics

It looks like Graphics in Web 2.0 there is no LineCap
WebGraphics there is LineCap
There is no pdf.WebGraphics but pdf.Graphics, so I can’t find a way to use WebGraphics and LineCap on Web for PDF.

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Yeah you’re right. This works for Desktop, but not in Web 2.0 Projects. Bug!

The PDFDocument has a .Graphics property as PDFGraphics the PDFDocument class is available on web 2.0 too


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