PDFDocument unusable in Console and Web Apps

Feedback Case Number: 62550

PDFDocument.Graphics.DrawText raises a PlatformNotSupportedException and I see no workaround yet.
I’ve encountered this on macOS. Can anyone confirm this for Windows and Linux?

Hi @Carsten_Belling

Just run the project you have based your test on (EE-WEB), I changed the CharacterSpacing property value on the Graphics context… and it is running ok here using the last build (CharacterSpacing was still not implemented in 2020r1.2).

It would be of help if you can attach an example project to your feedback case in order to find what might be going on…

Ah… ok, I see it now; is not about PDF but CharacterSpacing itself not implemented in Console apps.

Maybe a thread tittle: “CharacterSpacing not supported in Console apps” would be less confusing?

Thank you for reporting this!

Hi @Javier_Menendez,

the bug is regarding PDFDocument; Picture.Graphics.DrawText works fine in Console apps.
Even if I don’t set CharacterSpacing property explicitly an exception is raised when drawing text in a PDF.

Yes. That is because DrawText needs to know the CharacterSpacing set in order to properly render the text (it might be the by default value or any other value set by the user).

Try to run the following snippet of code in the run event of a Console app:

Var p as new Picture(300,300)
Var g as Graphics = p.Graphics
g.characterspacing = 30

It would be nice that this would be fixed asap for Console apps. I can workaround this issue for pictures by not touching the CharacterSpacing property. But this does not work for PDFDocument, it’s crashing always on drawing text. This should be fixed asap otherwise you can’t create PDF documents in console and web apps. The only workaround is here to not use text what works great but makes the whole use very limited :wink:

No problem. That is going to be fixed! :+1:


And… it is fixed now :vulcan_salute:



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