pdfDocument - can this be used to EDIT a PDF?

I have a set of PDFs that need customization for different end-users of my app. Would it be possible to add in text to an existing PDF?

Also - can web apps use pdfDocument?


No, it’s currently impossible. DynaPDF is able to do this.

Check out MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin to edit PDF documentations.
You need Starter to just create a PDF.
Or use Lite version to load a PDF and add text.

Both DynaPDF and PDFDocument class work in Web apps.


There is .ToString and .Template those are JSON based templating features.
Meaning you can change text by modifying a JSON value

Scroll down and you’ll see the template features.

Note .ToString returns a JSON string


Currently, you can’t open an existing PDF using the PDFDocument class. The class, at this point, is intended for creating PDF documents from scratch.

And, yes, you can use PDFDocument on Web projects!