PDF User Guides and the table of contents

I’m missing the table of contents in the navigation panel of my PDF viewer, when I look into the Xojo User-Guides (PDF format).

On former versions ( prior to Xojo 2014R3) my pdf viewer shows the table of contents in the navigation panel. Will the table of contents come back into the User Guides?

Are you using Preview to view the PDF? If so click on the little icon at the far left of the Preview toolbar. Doing so you should see the option to show the Table of Contents. It seems like a recent update to OS X changed the preference to not show the Table of Contents as I had the same problem. Always saw it before and then it was gone.

Hmmmm. I may have spoke too soon. Just loaded up the Fundamentals PDF and told it to show the Table of Contents. It opened the Table of Contents pane but all I get is a single entry that says:

UserGuide Fundamentals.pdf

with no table of contents text displayed below it. Sorry for having not checked this out before my previous reply. Not sure if this is Apple’s problem or Xojo’s problem. I do know that Yosemite is so full of glitches it is rather pathetic considering that it is coming from Apple.

I use “skim” for reading pdf documents and have opened the current docs with preview. It is like you described and the contents is missing in the table.

Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

It would also be handy for a consolidated (single document) version of the books in PDF format to make it easier to search - especially when you’re not sure which book your topic could be located within.



I could get it to show thumbnails in the table of contents pane; but, the pane would not scroll so it was just about useless. Checking other vendor PDF like BBEdit the table of contents appear just fine in Preview so it appears that this is a XOJO problem in formatting their PDF documentation.

The PDF Docs from Xojo 2014R2.1 also shows the table of contents in the navigation panel of the pdf viewers.

There is a report of this in Feedback, 23103, and it has been reviewed so they are aware of it.

Sorry about the missing TOC! I’ve uploaded new versions of the User Guide PDFs with the table of contents, which you can download here: