PDF to Picture

I’ve got the contents of a PDF file in a String or MemoryBlock. Does anyone know how to convert that to a Picture so that I can place it into a MobileImageViewer?

You can render it via our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin to a JPEG.
See RenderPageToImage

Yeah, I do that in Desktop and Web. Just trying to avoid loading the MBS plugins within the iOS app. I guess I’ll have to do that, now.


Does saving it as an actual PDF and launching it or using Showurl work?

Jeff, I really don’t want to “cheat-the-system” to just display a PDF. I’m sure I could embed an HTMLViewer and launch it there. Just hoping to do something more native and internal without messing with writing the file, etc. Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion.

In the meantime, I’m using DynapdfMBS to convert the pdf page as a picture. That’s working for now. Just hoping Xojo will do something native since they are now providing a way of creating PDF’s natively.