PDF requirements for Web app on PI?

I did realized a small web app that run on Raspberry PI running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
The app collect few parameter from the user then should create a small PDF file on the desktop of the clients.
All works fine on the Xojo debug environment, but not on the destination system: the PDF file is not created.
No errors appear. Simply nothing is created.

There is some requirements that I don’t know for my production environment?

Thanks for any help.

Yes, web apps can’t do this:

It’s just how the web works.

You can present a file to download, but the user must accept it.

The problem is that nothing happen.
In the debug environment I save the PDF file to the user Desktop and a messagebox appear to confirm this.
On production environment nothing happen. No file, no messagebox.

The file is being created by THE SERVER APP that is running in the same pc, NOT by the web app in the browser.

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You have a few options:
a) Create the PDF in a secure folder on the server the user has access to
b) Create the PDF in a folder for temporary access, offer the user a link to open or download it within a period of time
c) Open the PDF in the browser to show the user, who can then download it or save it using the standard options available in the browser
d) Automatically email the PDF to the user.

I have used all of there options in different applications, depending on the best solution for the application.

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The option c) would be great for me!
How can I show the PDF file on the fly and let the user choose one of the options offered by the own browser?

Thank you.