PDF problem with AT&T as ISP?

I wrote a web app that allows user to download a spec sheet as a pdf. I use dynaPDFMBS to generate the spec sheet on the fly depending on the model number the user types in. I never have a problem with it, but three people have told me it does not work. All three of them use AT&T as their ISP. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there a work around or something I may have done to cause it?

If you want to try it: http://www.ezmeter.us/cgi-bin/catalog/metercatalog.cgi. The specification button is in the lower right corner.

I don’t think it’s the PDF that’s the problem… at least not on my phone

Your page is getting cropped in the middle of “DisplayType & Resolution” width-wise and just after “isolated pulse output” height-wise.

So I can’t see the buttons in the lower right corner at all (can on my desktop of course)…


Just as a data point, it works from Portland, OR via Comcast.

works from rural alberta with my small ISP over a directional wireless :stuck_out_tongue:

On my desktop, your app works just fine. On my Android phone, the screen is cut. I cannot see the buttons either. Perhaps converting the page into a container control that will spawn scrollbards when the device is too small to fit the whole page, would be a good idea.

Please also note that some of the radio button groups are truncated on my phone. (not on my desktop). For example, the last option of the type of load to be metered group is barely visible, while the content below is visible.

Good from Rochester, NY on Spectrum

Thanks for all your input. Like I said, it only seems to have been a problem for people using AT&T as their ISP. This was one of my first projects when web edition was first introduced. I know I need to make a special version to work on phones. Still might if I find the time.

Just out of curiosity, are you setting the mime type correctly for the PDF?

I believe so.

dim pdfFile As WebFile // generate the page here if pdfFile = nil then pdfFile = new webfile pdfFile.mimetype = "application/pdf" pdfFile.forcedownload = true pdfFile.filename = model +".pdf" pdfFile.data = s pdfFile.ondownloaded = WeakAddressOf FileDownloaded end showurl(pdfFile.url)

Do you really dim pdffile right there? If so, it would most likely be destroyed before the browser gets a chance to retrieve it.

No. I put it there in the posting to show it is a webfile. Like I said before, it works for everyone but a few people using AT&T as their ISP.