pdf preview?

Is there a way to have a window in my xojo application (web or workstation) to open a pdf document and show it in a window (scaled)?
I don’t need to modify or interpret the object… just a simple preview. Maybe I need to know the number of pages in the pdf and switch pages…
but basic very basic.

In OSX you can use HTMLViewer to show pdf.

In MBS Plugins you find PDFViewMBS and PDFViewControlMBS as control.
Those can be used on Mac to show PDFs like preview app does it.

For cross platform projects, you can use DynaPDF Plugin.

+1 for DynaPdf (not inexpensive though)

a few other thoughts which may help:

I had rather hope a html viewer would be able to display the image. MAC only?

PDF’s are not images though
OS X has built in converters that will turn a PDF into something an HTMLViewer can display
Most others require some kind of plugin

Hi Norman!. I understand pdf isn’t an image format, but rather a portable document format, for text and images.
In the end I’m really not interested in knowing what is the document but being able to put a preview in a window IN my application.
My app is to be run on window, linux, and OS X. So far debenu sounds like it might do the trick, but seems not to have support for Linux.

Yeah once off OS X you’ll need something else or additional - whether its a Xojo plugin (one of the MBS ones), a browser plugin or second app that can convert a pdf to an image etc

DynaPDF Lite is on sale in January…

And January is almost over!

Be aware - if you use a html viewer to display the pdf, and you have Adobe Acrobat installed - you will run into a strange display bug which will require that you uninstall Acrobat.

Care to elaborate? I don’t think I have seen such a thing.

I had Acrobat Pro 10 installed, and when I displayed a pdf inside an HTML viewer, it displayed a kind of border approximately 20 pixels high at the top.

From what I could gather, Acrobat was displaying some kind of pdf viewer inside the HTML Viewer.
It took me about a day to realize what was happening, and as soon as I uninstalled Acrobat Pro, the issue was resolved.

This happened over a year ago, so I am going by memory.