PDF highlights lose their color opacity information on opened

I’m using MBS PDFKit to manage PDF highlights in macOS. I can successfully apply a color in which the opacity is < 100%. The highlight is colored correctly, and when the PDF is saved and opened in Adobe Acrobat the opacity is preserved. However, when I reopen the PDF in Xojo the opacity is lost. I’m guessing this may be an intrinsic issue with PDFKit (Preview also fails to apply the opacity), but if there is a solution I’d be grateful to hear it.

How do you reopen it in Xojo?

dim pdoc as new PDFDocumentMBS(f)
mypdfContainerControl.PDFView1.Document = pdoc

where PDFView1 is in a ContainerControl.

Well, I may simply guess that PDFKit rendering may not do all kind of transparencies correctly.