PDF form / PDF standard

I played with the demo-project “Creating PDF Forms” . I am impressed to see what can easily be done with Xojo. But I have a general pdf-question to :@Javier_Menendez
I checked the pdf-document, witch is working fine but doesn’t fully meet the pdf-standard and especially not the PDF/UA standard. (soon mandatory for governments and banks according to European legislation.).
I checked the document using a free windows application called PAC2021 provided by PDF/UA foundation.

My question: will Xojo take into consideration to fully meet the PDF/UA standard ?

If you need this quickly you might need to use something like DynaPDF to generate your PDFs.

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PDF/UA is a lot of work.
It’s on the todo list for DynaPDF, but we can’t predict when it’s ready.

For the time being, you may delivered tagged PDF/A with DynaPDF already.

So you can do your coding and later add the flag to product PDF/UA.

They don’t accept anything else than PDF/UA for the output documents. It doesn’t make sense to build something in anticipation of new developments. I have to sell no for the moment.

Hi @Joost_Rongen1

Please, file an Issue for that so we can track it :wink:

Happy New Year, BTW!! :slight_smile:


PDF/UA is added to DynaPDF!

I’ll work on the new plugin today and I may need to build a sample file.

@Christian_Schmitz there is a free tool called PAC2021 which can be used to test pdf-files on the PDA/UA standard and WCAG regulations.
Think within a month I will get back to the project I quit earlier because of this and see if I can get it yet.