PDF don´t work in XOJO Cloud

Hi all.

I am developing a small application that uses Xojo Cloud and PDFDocument.

It works perfectly locally. When I send it to Xojo Cloud, it removes all the letters.

I guess the problem is that it can’t find the font on the server. So use the following condition:

#If TargetXojoCloud Then
  Session.Document.Graphics.FontName = PDFDocument.StandardFontNames.LiberationSans
  Session.Document.Graphics.FontName = PDFDocument.StandardFontNames.Helvetica

But it does not work.

Has anyone had the experience and was able to find a solution?

I will appreciate your response.

Does it work if you use LiberationSansBold?

That’s what the EE-PDF-Web project uses and it’s showing the font, in my test.

Edit: I just tried that example with LiberationSans and it still works. Does that example work for you?

It doesn’t work for in my Xojo Cloud. Initially, the code used LiberationSansBold. When I didn’t fix the problem, I began to play all the possible options.

I think I’m doing something wrong.

I will send to the Xojo Cloud an application that only uses a button to see the generated PDF. To test and find some clue of what is happening.

I upload the EE-PDF-Web project to my Cloud. The code shows the same problem.

For licensing reasons, we don’t include any fonts on Xojo cloud servers. You can fix that using sftp by uploading ttf fonts to your fonts folder.


Thanks Jason and Greg!

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