I am trying to use the following to pre populate a paypal form but keep getting nothing when doing it.

URL is

My code is pretty simple:

[code] Dim d As New Dictionary

d.Value(“business”) = “
d.Value(“first_name”) = “TestValue”
d.Value(“last_name”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“address1”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“address2”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“city”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“state”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“zip”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“lc”) = “US”
d.Value(“email”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“night_phone_a”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“night_phone_b”) = “Testing”
d.Value(“night_phone_c”) = “Testing”


// This service simply returns the post data as the result
Dim result As String
result = PaypalSocket.Post(“”, 30)

result = DefineEncoding(result, Encodings.UTF8)


PaypalSocket is just a property of my app referring to a HTTPSecureSocket.

Is this the correct way of doing something like this?


You don’t get a url back, you get the html of the webpage that paypal would normally display to the user. You could display it in an htmlviewer, I suppose.

Yea I assumed that but I get nothing in return at all.