PayPal Class Module Plugin etc

Hi all

I am working on a web app that needs to bill the users on a monthly bases using PayPal.

Does anyone have, or know of, a PayPal system that I can integrate into my web app. My preference would be a native Xojo Class / Module that does not use any third party plugins, however if that’s all there is available, or there is a good reason to use one, then that’s ok. I have looked at what has been discussed in the past but those options are not available, or the links no longer work.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Chris,

I am currently working on a Xojo class to receive Paypal Instant Payment Notifications (referred as IPN on Paypal docs).
For the moment it only handles express checkout using a Purchase button in a real webpage.
It is far from complete and fairly untested.

We can have a private chat if you want more information.

Im also waiting for the available on that class jeremie.
Kindly please advise me once ready.