Paw code generator plugin : How to Install


I’m trying to install the new version of the Paw plugin for generating URL connector. What should be the name of the folder?

Ok I got it : com.xojo.PawExtensions.SyncURLConnectionCodeGenerator

Where can we download it please?

and here is the blog from Paul:

Edit (Paul): Fixed URL.

[quote=417773:@Andre Kuiper]

and here is the blog from Paul:[/quote]

Thank you @Andre Kuiper :slight_smile:

@Paul Lefebvre why not let them add these to the Library on their website? :slight_smile:

  1. Actually, Greg wrote that post, not me. I guess the author didn’t get set properly when we switched things over to WordPress a while ago. I’ve updated the post so it now correctly shows Greg as the author.
  2. Greg did submit these repos last month to the Paw folks to get them listed in the Library on their site. Not sure how long that takes, though.

Awesome. Thank you. :slight_smile:

@Greg O’Lone: In Line 80 of the SyncURLConnectionCodeGenerator.js File is an error. Replace the sa.Append with strArr.Append.

I submitted a pull request for the doc update today. :slight_smile:

Not long usually, but it’s the holidays. I probably need to ping them again.

I’ve merged this.

I’ve applied this fix.