Path to access a file in a WinVM from a Mac WebApp

I am running a web app in debug mode on a Mac.
I also have a Windows VirtualMachine running in the same Mac
I want to access to a file in the Windows drive
The IP of the VM is
The file is myFile.PDF and it is in C:\myFolder
Which is the right way for the path to use as parameter of GetFolderItem function ?
f = GetFolderItem(myPath, folderitem.PathTypeURL)

I do not believe that is possible from a web application. Just because its a VM on your computer doesn’t change the security aspect of it being a separate computer from the browsers perspective. GetFolderItem is only going to have access to files on the webserver machine it is running on.

Depending on what virtualization software you use, you may be able to do this. For instance, VMWare Fusion has a command-line API that lets you reach into a VM and copy files to/from it.