Path of mklink

Hello everyone, I’m new in Xojo, and of course, I need some help. Here is my problem:

I’m using SelectFolder for taking folder paths in ListBox. Later I use that folders from list, but real trouble is when I select mklink. They are directory symbolic links, and I want to get their path on drive, but SelectFolder always returns Destination of link. Is there any possible way to check is it mklink and get his path on drive or real folder?
Thank You

Sorry for bad English :slight_smile:

Check out Folderitem.Trueitem instead of Item. See .

Thank You Beatrix, But I think thats not what I need. When I select mklink or folder, I get them in folderItem. For folder, i get correct path ( example: Users, I get C:\Users ), but when i select mklink, I want to save path of that shortcut ( mklink ), not destination of that mklink. :slight_smile: I really hope You understand what I’m talking about. ( Need English lessons :smiley: :slight_smile: )

If you want to save the path of the shortcut then Item should do what you want. Can you post some code and then show what happens?

  dim pathOfFolder as FolderItem
  pathOfFolder = SelectFolder

This is what I’m using for selecting folder. After that I’m using AbsolutePath to check in database, but that comes later. If I understand, FolderItem.Item and FolderItem.TrueItem are checking for items inside that folder. If its mklink, I get folder path where real files are, not where mklink is.