Paste to a textfield

Apparently something has changed with the textfield in Xojo 2018r2. Just dragging a textField from the Library onto my app, then running the app, I am unable to Paste (cmd-V) to that textField. I get a system beep if I try. What do I need to do to the generic textField to allow it to receive Paste? I’ve never had to do anything in previous versions.

Can you reproduce this in a new project?

cmd-V so I guess this is on a mac, right?

Open finder, go to Edit - Show Clipboard and check what you have there.

The only way I can make it beep is when the clipboard contents is a graphic and not text. If the clipboard say text (even if empty) it will not beep, at least for me.

Tim: No. I had tried several new TextFields to my window in question and all had this odd behavior. But a new project and other projects does not. I think something is corrupted with my window. Might be explaining other odd behavior I am seeing.
Alberto: I have iClip installed so I can see many clips and know for sure what I am trying to paste.

Thanks both for your replies.

Check that there’s a menu bar on the window and that it has an Edit > Paste item with a shortcut of Cmd-V

No, there’s no menubar attached to this movable modal window, but that doesn’t matter. All of my other apps have no menu attached to this registration window and they accept cmd-V just fine

Thats not my experience.
Pasting into a text box on a movable modal without a menu hasnt worked for me for years.

I put this code into the KeyDown event of the text box

[code]dim c as new Clipboard
if key = " " then return false

if (key = “v” or key = “V” )and Keyboard.AsyncMenuShortcutKey and c.TextAvailable then
me.Text = trim(C.Text)
end if[/code]

I am totally confused. I have 4 apps on the MAS and 4 apps actively selling from my web site. I have NEVER, repeat Never had to add code to the keydown event of a textfield to get copy and/or paste to work. (Yes, I just checked) That’s whether there’s a menu attached to the window or not. :-0

I am confused too and I don’t understand.

I did some tests, small project, 2 windows, window2 movable modal, menu bar none, with textfield. I can always use cmd-v to paste there.

The only way to stop cmd-v from working is to EditPaste.Visible = False before showing window2 or if I remove the entry from MainMenuBar, but also stops working on window1.

I guess I’m missing something.

Hmm… maybe…is there a menu attached to any of your currently open windows?
Does it still work if your ONLY open window is a movable modal with no menu?

Don’t forget the Mac paradigm for menus means you likely have one, even if you didn’t set one. On Mac everything shares one MenuBar. If you don’t assign a MenuBar to a window, it still uses a MenuBar from somewhere.

Only thing we can say at this point is post the project, because nobody else can reproduce the behavior.

That must have been the behavior I was seeing all along without realizing it. Thanks for the informative discussion on this topic, Tim, Jeff, and Alberto.