Paste in ComboBox do nothing

Running in the IDE,
Paste in the ComboBox … Paste nothing !

Just in case one wonder: Paste in a TextField (same window) really Paste what is in the Clipboard (text I do not wanted to type n times on feature testings)

El Capitan
Xojo 2017r2.1 (2015r1, then checked in the current version)

Maybe you pasted multilined text and just see the first linebreak?

Good bet, but no, not that case.

I put the cursor at the “end of the text”, press the right arrow an press the Delete Key. Nothing appeared.

Nota: That ComboBox is used as a Record selector (from a SQLite Data Base). Read my other (new) Post.

What Xojo version? Win? OSX?

I just created a simple app with a textfield and combobox

and I can cut and paste between the two while running in the IDE with no issue

macOS 10.12.6

[quote=354168:@Emile Schwarz]El Capitan
Xojo 2017r2.1 (2015r1, then checked in the current version)[/quote]

Thanks Dave for checking / answering.


I will try to boot on an external HD later today and check from there (my internal SSD may have troubles… who knows ?)

I confirm what ypou wrote earlier.

I fired 2017r2.1,
New Project
Add a ComboBox
Add a TextArea tall and large enough to display the whole text and eventually more than two lines,
And the Clipboard.Text is pasted in the ComboBox !

And this still does not works on my project with ComboBox :frowning:
Only 27 Controls in that window
2 Events (Open, Change) in the ComboBox.

Have you made any changes to the Edit menu i.e. is Paste missing or no longer Command-V? Or do you have a KeyDown/TextChanged event that is grabbing the Paste and stopping it?

Thank you David.

None of them.

That ComboBox is filled from a Field of a SQLite Data Base file.
The “Editable” part is the reason why I choosed a ComboBox vs a PopupMenu.

I pasted that text in a TextField (same window) without troubles (Address1). Of course, no Mask is applied (Paste in the Phone TextField is rejected with a beep, but this is on purpose).

This is a real nuisance because that window is here to modify a SQLite Data Base (Add, Update, Delete). At DB creation time (now) and because I like to test things, using Copy / Paste is mandatory (note to self: check drag and drop too).

I also pasted that text (some textp) into a TextField, then Cut that text and tryed to Paste in the ComboBox and it failed too.

To be clear: for me it is unimportant. I can create a text file with all the needed information and import that into the Data Base. But the window is meant to deal with that… Poor Joe / Jane Newbie will not understand what happens.

Are you pasting something that has endofline characters?
Maybe it only displays one line and it is blank

Edit: I see Sasha suggested this already, but I still think it is possible.
Pressing delete afterwards doesnt prove a lot: if it only ‘keeps’ the one empty line, pressing delete will not show you the discarded text.

No, no invisible EndOfLine character: I pasted the text in a TextField and took only part of the text in the TextField and tried to paste it in the ComboBox.

Next step is to add empty Open and Change Events,
following step will be to add code in Open (Add say 5 Rows)
following step will be to add code in Change (Display something from Each Row)

All of this in a brand new Project (I trashed the previous one…

After all of these, and the blank project behave like the regular one, a conclusion can appears: when Events are installed with code, Paste is disabled.

I took a different approach:

I deleted the two Events from the ComboBox, run and the trouble is still here…
I checked the window Open Event and deleted the Initialization Method: trouble still here.
I deleted the CheckBox, run and check fom where (and what is done) the code using the ComboBox and found David Cox was right:

I completely forgot that I trapped EditPaste and do something there:
When I started to build the code for this window, I put Strings to fill the window into a special format (with EndOfLines) and when I paste it, the code dispatch the Clipboard.Text contents into the Windows’s Controls…

So, a single set of text without EndOfLine produce that effect: not enough data to be pasted = no Paste at all.

Yes, I wrote that 2 or 3 weeks ago: I completely forgot it.

Sorry for the buz folks and thanks for help.