Paste a Label in a Tab of a TabPanel

I have a TabPanel with 6 Tabs. I need to Paste a Label on some of them (same text, style, location).

So, on a Tab, I set a Label and my Text and Styles.

Then I copy it, click in another Tab to display it and Paste. All I get is a second Label just like if I duplicated the first one on the first panel where I set the original Label…

A click in the Library Label Icon place a Label in the current Tab (where Paste failed).

In a RAD ? Or… do I missed something ?

I found a solution, that takes less time than setting all styles nth times, but…

Duplicate the Label,
Move it outside of the TabPanel,

Duplicate it once more, then move it into the desired tab and location (s,y)
Do it as many times as it is needed

End of Loop

Not very RAD, but a “faster“ solution…