Passport to XDC

You saw the blog post?

It may be good if everyone gets a passport to be able to join the conference!

I hope to have all the usual American attendees there and many new Europeans.

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Given the way things are going in the U.K. it may be prudent to look at alternative locations where the Government actually appear to have the situation better under control. Things are starting to go in the wrong direction again here.

We hope things are better next year.
But if you don’t have a valid passport, you can’t go, independent of COVID-19.

The USA hasnt been in a much better position
It might be a long time before other countries allow US citizens in

Bold to make any kind of significant travel plans right now. We can be hopeful that the situation will improve by April, but let’s be real… it probably won’t be.

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EU allows countries that have a well managed response to enter
As a Canadian I could go today
I’d have to quarantine when I return
But thats no different than what I do already
US citizens cannot go there or come here without restrictions
It is what it is :slight_smile: