Passing rowset

I started using Xojo to write windows applications. I followed " SQLite Basics" from the documentation to start a small project I want to do as practice and when I tried to run, I get the errors that I can not pass “rs” as an argument as 0 was expected when I tried to call up “updateui” to refresh the fields. Do I have to specify somewhere in the method that rs is a rowset?

what is your definition of the method “updateui” ?
it should have the “rs as rowset” as parameter.

Show us the method.

@ People wanting the code, it’s in the docs:

@ OP this guide assumes you know how to create a method that accepts a parameter. I might suggest you start with the Introduction to Programming Textbook because that will teach you how to use the Xojo IDE in the process.

To keep you going though, you’ll need to set up the method parameters with the inspector on the right. It should look like this:
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 13.06.21

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Thank you guys. That was the problem. I tried “rs” and “rowset” but never “rs as RowSet” as it makes sense. Tim, thank you for your suggestion, I will check out the links you mentioned.