parse json from textfield (ios)

i have 1 view1 a field (textfield1) and a button1 and the bellow json on textfield1

{ "response": { "version":"0.1", "features": { "conditions": 1 } } , "current_observation": { "image": { "title":"Weather", }, "display_location": { "full":"San Francisco, CA", "city":"San Francisco", "state":"CA", "state_name":"California", "country":"US", "country_iso3166":"US", "zip":"94101", "magic":"1", "wmo":"99999", "latitude":"37.77500916", "longitude":"-122.41825867", "elevation":"47.00000000" }
How can parse the json on textfield1 to dictionary?
like bellow

current observation [1] = image [2] = title " weather" etc
any help or a small example will be appreciated

dim d as Xojo.Core.Dictionary = Xojo.Data.ParseJSON( TextField1.Text )

Thank you Kem.
My last question.
How we loop among the keys in dictionary and get the values,and how we get specific key and set it to label ?
Sorry for the questions,i am beginner in xojo

dim root as new Xojo.Core.Dictionary
root.Value( "key1" ) = someValue

dim child as new Xojo.Core.Dictionary
child.Value( "childKey1" ) = anotherValue
root.Value( "child" ) = child

for each entry as Xojo.Core.DictionaryEntry in root
  // entry has both key and value so do something with them

Thank you Kem.