and Xojo

Is it posible to use this tool in xojo?… it work with OSX and WINDOWS so I wonder if I can use it and how… I use it in IOS and it very useful…

Check this page and look for RealBasic:

It looks like they have a REST API.


What does it do?

Allows you to save data to their cloud DB using only standard HTTPS protocol. It looks similar to Amazon Web Services Dynamo DB, IBM Cloudant and other NoSQL Databases.

From their website:

The REST API lets you interact with Parse from anything that can send an HTTP request. There are many things you can do with the REST API. For example:

•A mobile website can access Parse data from Javascript.
•A webserver can show data from Parse on a website.
•You can upload large amounts of data that will later be consumed in a mobile app.
•You can download recent data to run your own custom analytics.
•Applications written in any programming language can interact with data on Parse.
•You can export all of your data if you no longer want to use Parse.

I’m using backend with Xojo in some of our projects. The REST API is not so speedy, but works well.

Bob made a great find:


ParseSocket — ParseSocket is a subclass of HTTPSecureSocket for use with Real Studio.[/quote]

Perfect… Thank you all for the information… I did not know parseSocket… I will try it