Parameters are not compatible with this function Name Issue

When I add a custom class who’s parent is HTTPSecureSocket to a WebDialog or WebContainer (Not on WebPages), I Get this error:

“.Name Layout (Property Name) - Parameters are not compatible with this function Name”

If I added it as a property it works. And if I add it to the webpage it works.

Any idea if this is expected of a bug?

It sounds like one since I’ve not read about any restriction in WebDialogs or WebContainers. A report and example project via Feedback should get it the attention it deserves, which is a fix or addition to the documentation.

Any class or object that is not a subclass of WebControl will give you these errors.

Is that documented?

it’s a bug, so no.

Not that I could tell. I’ve added this restriction to the Notes for both WebDialog and WebContainer in the online wiki.