param array from array

I have a plugin method that requires a parameter array e.g. getData(“a”, “b”, “c”)

In order to enter the a,b,c data once in my program for use across multiple methods, I would like to be able to generate the parameter array from an array e.g. array(“a”, “b”, “c”).

How can this be done?

Does the plugin method look like that

Sub SomeMethod( ParamArray s As String )

or like that

Sub SomeMethod( s() As String )

In the first case you cannot hand over an array.
In the second case you must hand over an array.

Is this a plug-in of your own making? If so, the method needs to be overloaded so it can accept either a number of parameters (ParamArray) or a straight array. The former could just call the latter.

Sub MyPluginMethod (ParamArray s() As String)
  MyPluginMethod( s )
End Sub

Sub MyPluginMethod (s() As String)
  // Do what it needs to do
End Sub

(This can be done in Xojo code so I assume it can be done in a plugin.)

If you’re not the author, ask the author if they can do that for you.