Painting a picture in 3d

I want develope a card game. The 2d-look is for much people not so nice, so I try to paint the cards like this on the play-desk.

Has anyone a idea how I can paint this card on the fly?

Open GL or a lot of fancy maths.
You really don’t want to try doing this if you are using straight Xojo code and you are new to the language too. The techniques you need to display these transformed bitmaps are the same as those you need to render 3D games.

OpenGL is probably dead for the future.

The picture is still 2D, so you don’t really need 3D, you just need to simulate it. Einhugur (PictureEffects and PictureEffectsRaw, see or MBS might be helpful (the ImageMagic plugins, see

And why are there two Jacks of Diamond?

Xplatform? Or for a certain OS only?

I try to build a web-platform. So it is a web-app.