Page/Window Scopes

If I start a new desktop project by default I have a Window1 object. Adding a folder to the project & moving Window1 there is not a problem, but if I create a folder under this folder and move the window down to that level it becomes private - at least it shows that way in the navigator. There is no scope option in the inspector, so I’m guessing this is just some display issue? Same thing happens with WebPage1 in a Web project.

You’re a Windows guy, right @Wayne Golding? I tried this on OS X for good measure and can replicate what you see, except that it’s being set to protected, not private (I assume that’s what you meant unless it’s different on Windows). In fact, creating any item two folders deep seems to set it to protected. Can’t find a related Feedback case so I took the liberty <>

Thanks Gavin Smith. Yes I’m a windows guy & protected is what I meant. That you as an OSX guy created the report will probably help in getting it sorted.

Cheers Bro!