Page panel with scroll

Hello there,
I am writing an app and i need to add scrolling capabilities to a page panel.
Does xojo provide that capability or do i have to go to other solutions like custom canvas control?
I search a little around but i can’t find a solution for the page panel.

Appreciate any guidance to my problem.

I’m afraid you have to implement it yourself, using canvas and embedding containers in the canvas inside the pagepanel.

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Thanks for the reply.
I assume there is no way to change the location of a container control dynamically without removing it and adding it again to the page panel?
I am asking because my train of thought is to hook up a scroll bar, and having those container dynamically changing position with code.
I guess i will have to do the “same” with canvas. Make a canvas add a scroll bar and hook it up with canvas.scroll to do my scrolling.

For macOS you could use the NSScrollview which gives you native looking scrolling.
MBSplugins and Ohanaware AppKit can do this.

Sadly for Windows there is no solution (to my knowledge).

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If you keep a reference then you can adjust it’s position any time you want.

You might want to take a look at this example, which uses a scrolling Canvas with embedded containers. It’s not using a PagePanel, but you can still use the technique.

  • Examples/Desktop/ContainerControls/DownloadContainer

Thx for all the guidance!