Page Panel Index Layers with Container Controls

I’m trying to put 4 different container controls inside a Page Panel Control with 4 different page panel index layers. I am having trouble making the each of the 4 container controls mate or become part of each page panel index layer. It seem to be just orphaning each one.

My question is there more to setting this up in the User interface than just dragging each container control in to each page panel index layer in the UI?

Should I leave out the container control removing a layer and put the controls directly on each of the 4 Page Panel Index Layers instead?

What is not working?

I have put container controls on pagepanels with great success. It nicely encapsulates each panel rather than trying to handle all the code in the window itself.

Be sure the container control is fully enclosed within the page panel. The red highlighting is your visual cue that the container control is a child of the panel.

More detail on your issue would help.

I only use container controls in my page panels and don’t have this problem.

The only time I have seen this issue is if the a container control’s boundary is outside the page panel boundary so the page panel does not recognise that it owns the container control. Ensure that you size the container control upon dropping it on to the page panel as less than the page panel boundaries (all four sides). It can also be the exact same size as the page panel.

There is a visual guide that highlights the owning control with a red border when you are dropping the control.

This is likely your problem, Jeffrey.