Page Height, Page Eject

Stil on the seemingly sensitive topic of iOS printing.

Using the SharingPanel approach is there any way of detecting exceeding the page height dimension, ejecting the page and starting a new page print?

I believe the sharing panel is to “SHARE” an existing document, text string or image
and not to be sending a document during its creation phase

Thanks Dave but if Printing is part of sharing a document shouldn’t it print the entire note entry in my database?

My point is, from what I know about the sharing panel… is it requires a complete document.
so you would move your “note” to a physical document file, and “share” that file.

Note : this assumption is based on how iOS handles this panel… there is nothing that I have read in Apples Sharing Panel documents about “printing”…

Hi Dave, that makes sense but more work for what I am wanting to do and less logical for the user. Thanks for the input.